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Sample Drawings

Click image below for sample set of drawings in PDF format.

Samples of our Work

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco

City Skyline

New York

Services/Drawings Offered

Floor Plan (Detailed) - Walls, fenestration, openings, stairs, plumbing, casework, soffits, HVAC registers, appliances, cabinets & counters.


Floor Plan (Basic) - Walls, fenestration, openings, stairs, and structural elements only.  No fixtures.


Exterior Elevations (Detailed) - Walls, roof lines, openings, fenestration and grade with illustrated decor, ornamentation & detail.

Exterior Elevations (Basic) - Walls, roof lines, openings, fenestration and grade. No decor, ornamentation or window & door detail.

Building Sections (Structural) - Same as above but includes rafters, floor joists, or foundation members at cut.  Requires foundation plan.

Building Sections (Basic) - Cut through building from grade up through roof - No rafters, floor joists, or foundation members.


Roof Plan - Roof line, building line, ridges, parapets, water shed, valleys, & hips


Site Plan/Landscape Survey - Structures, hard/soft scapes, street centerline & curb work, typ vegetation delineation (not a civil survey).


Reflected Ceiling Plan - Reflected image of ceiling elements. Includes ceiling heights.


Electrical & Lighting Plan -  Receptacles, switches, control panels, lighting devices and fixtures.


Mechanical Plan -  HVAC Equip, ducting, and observable equip.


Roof Framing Plan - Structural drawing of roof members such as ridge beams, rafters, purlins, hip rafters, posts,valley rafters, etc.


Foundation Plan - Foundation walls, girder beams, posts, columns, piers, joists, and slabs.


Equipment Plan - Boilers, furnaces, pumps, control systems, compressors, elevator equip etc.


Interior Elevations - Wall perimeters, openings, fenestration, trim, wall decor, wall fixtures and lighting.


BOMA - Calculations of gross building, rentable, and usable areas according to official BOMA regs.


360 Degree Area Photography/Virtual Tour  -  360 degree photos of desired architecture, areas, or spaces.


Revit Modeling - Level of detail to be modeled is determined case by case.


Point Cloud Delivery - Registered point cloud files delivered in various file formats.

Year of production: 2023. Running Time: 2:30 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

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